How to Tell if a Bird Needs Rescuing:


Find A Local Licensed Wildlife Rehabber for Native Species:


How To Catch a Pigeon in Need of Rescue:


What To Do (and Not to Do) If You Find an Injured Pigeon or Dove:


Pigeon and Dove Friendly Rescue Map:


How to Care for a Rescued Pet Pigeon:


How to Choose a Cage For Pigeons and Doves:


But I have Cats/Dogs…Can I Still Adopt a Pet Bird?:


Why It Is Dangerous to Let Pet Pigeons Free Fly:


How To Safely Medicate Your Bird:


Local Pigeon/Dove Friendly Veterinarians:

Dr. Micco at Point Vicente Animal Hospital:

Dr. Greek and Greek and Associates:

Dr. Athena Gianopoulos at Feathers and Fur Animal Hospital – full service mobile vet serving San Diego County

Call or Text: 619-324-9713

Instagram: @drgbirdvet