Adoptable Birds


Our adoption availability list changes all the time. Please contact us or fill out an adoption form for more information.

This is Ciega. She is either completely blind or severely vision impaired. She is a very petite but adult pigeon that has been with AURA for many months. She is completely self sufficient as long as you respect her vision impairment and have her food and water in EXACTLY the same place everyday. Since she can’t see, she is easily frightened by unannounced touching, loud noises, or jostling of her cage. Ciega would love to be your very special pet. With time and gentle, loving care, Ciega would become a totally trusting and loving pet. Ciega means blind in Spanish, BTW. Please let us know if you think you could be Ciega’s very special human.

Latte is a little male Zebra Finch that was found in Huntington Beach. The finder cared for Latte until she realized that the left foot and lower leg were necrotic. Latte was relinquished to us at that time. It was too late to save the foot and the lower portion of the leg, and they were amputated. Latte has recovered from the amputation and would love to find his forever home. Latte can fly, perch, and is self sufficient, BUT he is disabled, and you have to be sure your cage arrangement and flooring take his disability into account.

Just some of the birds that have been adopted from Avian Underdogs