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My name is Mikey & I am a great talker! I’ll greet you every morning with a “hello” & “good morning” while waving my foot. I’ll ask “what are you doing?” or “is everything okay?” When you leave, I’ll flap my wings & say “bye bye”. I’m looking for my FIRST forever home (since being in AURA’s care) with someone who has cockatoo experience that can set firm rules & boundaries with me, since I am a “cuckoo too” after all! If you are interested in taking me home, please send an email to if within our mileage parimeters. ( 50 mile radius from Santa Ana).


Tai Tai

Tai Tai is a blacked capped conure.

Tai Tai is a diva!! She loves to be the center of attention and doesn’t like to share that attention with anyone or any bird. Tai tai is a sweetheart and very friendly but can be nippy when she is not given her way or when it’s her bedtime. She loves hanging out in her foster mom’s shirt and supervises while she cleans. Tai Tai is too much of a diva to get her feet dirty so she’ll only supervise!

If interested in meeting Tai Tai and live in Orange County (50 mile radius from Santa Ana) please send your inquiry to



My name is Pumpkin and I’m your stereotypical caique – fun and crazy! I enjoy being around other caiques and will only stick to my own kind. I don’t like men and am very anxious around dogs since I’ve been attacked twice by them! So please, no dogs in the home! I need an experienced mommy who can set clear, firm rules and boundaries for me. Be aware that I tend to be louder than most caiques, but I won’t disappoint! I have a charming personality that will win you over!

If interested in meeting Pumpkin and live in our 50 mile radius of Santa Ana parameters please email


Shilo and Mango

Meet Shilo and Mango! They are a VERY bonded pair MUST be adopted together. Shilo is tamed but can be a bit shy when meeting new people. Mango is not tamed but there is potential if willingness to work with her. She’s missing an eye but this doesn’t stop her from being an active bird. These birds are housed separately because Shilo does want his personal space at times. They both have their own personalities.

If interested in meeting this bonded pair, please send inquiries to

Mielage parameters still apply. 50 mile radius from Santa Ana.



Jenner is a sweet GCC who can be cage territorial when he’s in one of his moods. He loves his daily fresh foods and recently converted to a pellet diet successfully! Jenner likes to sit on the window sill & look outside. He also likes to sit on top of his foster mommy’s hair or shoulders. Jenner gets along well with other birds (conures).

Please send inquiries to


Carson and Charlotte

Please meet Carson and Charlotte! They are a bonded pair. They must be adopted out together but be kept in separate cages. Carson and Charlotte are semi-tamed. Once out of their cages, they’re sweethearts. Both birds have converted to a pellet diet and enjoy their fresh foods.

Please send inquiries to



Hello AURA’S followers!!! My name is Linkin Park and I’m about 12 years old. I can be around cats and dogs, but only when supervised for everybody’s safety – especially the 4-legged children since I like to show everyone that I’m boss. I’m currently learning how to socialize with other caiques. I have trouble accepting birds of other species but I’m sure I can MAYBE learn. I’m NOT a beginner’s bird and will need parronts that are not afraid to tell me no and put me in my place when I become a typical caique. I have a strong personality but I’m just as loving and as sweet!

Please send inquiries to



Meet Junie.

I am a 4 year old Congo African Grey with special needs, but I don’t let that get me down. I love to talk to myself when no one is around. I enjoy playing with my toys and showing them who’s boss. Once I feel comfortable with you, I will ask you to scratch my neck. But If you do it wrong I will let you know. I am looking for my forever home with someone who can spend their days loving me.

Please send inquiries to, if within our 50 mile radius from Santa Ana in South Orange County.


Poppy and Lanai

Meet Poppy Do & Lanai!

They are both conures – red factor sun and yellow sided GCC. Both are 6 years old. Poppy & Lanai are VERY FRIENDLY & TAMED. They’re the sweetest birds, but of course can have their moments. Poppy loves to be in the limelight, so Poppy can pick on Lanai if she gets in her way. Poppy Do is also Lanai’s support and strength so they must be adopted together. They have to have separate cages since Poppy likes to have her own space. Both conures mimic sounds & will say a few words.

If interested please email


Downey and Denver

Meet Downey & Denver!

Both parrotlets are a bonded pair and must be adopted out together. Denver just had her surgery and is currently recovering. She’ll be fully recovered in 2 weeks. Denver is sweet as pie once she’s out of her cage. Downey will need to be worked with. He’s very cage territorial but has potential to be tamed. He has a BIG personality in his tiny body! Both birds ages are unknown.

Please send inquiries to


Sierra and Catalina

Sierra & Catalina

We are female blue Pacific Parrotlets and sisters. We are not hand tamed but are still young enough that with a little work and patience we can be. We love toys that we can tear apart and will make quick work of the task. When we get bored with our toys we shred the cage papers. We have been together since birth and would love to be adopted together.

Please send inquiries to



Introducing Sunny!

“Cuckoo” is Sunny’s favorite word. S/he (still waiting on DNA test result) isn’t hand tamed but will take treats from your hand. Sunny was found flying in Sunset Beach for 3 days before finally trusting a human to get close enough to rescue hum/her. We believe Sunny is a young bird. S/he can be loud as most macaws but with lots of patience and work, Sunny can become tamed and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

Mccaw experience required.

Please send inquiries to



Meet Aspen.

I am a light blue male pacific parrotlet, less than 1 year old. I am not fully hand tame, but could easily be with a little work. Right now I just need a minute to calm down and then I will sit with you. I love blackberries and will paint everything purple while I eat them. I love to dunk all my food in my water to see if it will float. I need you to interact with me, and provide me with toys to chew up otherwise I get depressed. I’m hoping to find my forever home soon.

Please send inquiries to if interested.



Hi! My name is Kiko and I’m the cutest sound board- oops I mean Meyers parrot around! I make and mimic SO many adorable sounds. I can sound like a phone, a smoke detector, if you make kissy faces at me I’ll make kissy sounds back, I whisper, say step up when you put your hand out, and so much more! Most of all I LOVE spending time with my people! I love exploring and looking around while my person is in the room, and occasionally getting pets – but not too many! I like some time to do my thing too! It might take me some time to completely come out of my shell with you at first, but once i do you’ll have the cutest forever friend!

If you’re interested in meeting me email!


Chico and Chica

Chico and Chica are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They are 1.5 to 2 years old. The breadwinner in their former family is a government employee who is being transferred to a locale where the birds can’t be taken. Chico and Chica were recently relinquished to us so they could find their forever home here in Southern California. They are not tame. If you are interested in adopting Chico and Chica, please email us for an adoption application at

Fancy Pants

Please meet Fancy Pants! Fancy’s owner wasn’t able to devote the time and attention Fancy needs in order to be a happy little bird. Fancy is only approximately 8 months old, so it’s a bit iffy to try and guess Fancy’s gender by the color of the cere. If you are interested in adopting Fancy, please email us for an adoption application at


Hi! I’m Peatree! I am approximately 5 years old. My humans had to give me up recently because they no longer had time for me and their living circumstances had changed. I am no longer really tame, but I would like to be tame again. All I need is your time, patience, and love. I have been on a seed only diet, but I’m kind of willing to try new food things. If you would like to adopt me, please email Avian Underdogs for an adoption application at


So, this is Fred. He’s 8 years old. Fred’s mom has advanced Alzheimers and had to go into a care facility. A family member dropped Fred off at the home of the lady who brought him to us. Apparently the family member got no answer at the rescuer’s door and just left him there. A neighbor of the rescuer filled her in on what happened, and the rescuer was able to talk to Fred’s family member yesterday.

If interested in inquiring about Fred please email