Parrot Adoption Application

    About Your Home

    Preferred Parrot Species to Adopt

    Knowing this, please consider adopting a TRUE UNDERDOG Parrot? One who was given up by its owners, (for any number of reasons, good and not so much,) one who was found, injured by a predator, and one who we were able to pull from an animal shelter. We also have many pet quality Doves, Pigeons, and some non-releasble non-native birds to consider as pets as well. Please refer to our suggested Donation Fee list.

    Safety Requirements

    Consider this. If not, you will NOT be allowed to adopt from AURA, or ANY other Parrot Organization as we have ALL seen beloved Companion Parrots painfully suffocate to only die within hours of inhalation of heated non-stick cookware, candles, plug in’s, diffusers, essential oils, cleaned carpets with Teflon coating, and new carpet installations... Please Google Teflon Toxicosis and how bird lungs react and die from these toxins.

    Clipped wings? Most escaped parrots we receive are injured, some gravely, were not clipped but are lucky to be alive. Occasionally we receive a wild, naturalized baby that could not be released we hand feed and socialize, and clip.

    All our volunteers are grateful for your support of Avian Underdogs Rescue Organization! You are always free to e mail, call or contact us on FB with any questions. But again, please be patient as one of us will ALWAYS get back to you with the parrots we have available for adoption. Additionally, your perfect bird may not have even arrived with us, so be patient, your bird may be coming soon!